Camanna RM Painted Lady 6*M

DOB: 02/21/2012 D1595154

DOB: 02/21/2012

Sire: Rosasharn SP Monet +*B

SS: Rosasharn SW Sapporo
SD: AGS Rosasharn Tom's Bit-A-Lilly

Dam: SGCH AGS Rosasharn UN Bumble B 5*M

DS: AGS Rosasharn's TL Unregrettable
DD: SG AGS Rosasharn's UMT Honey Bee


Lady is a doe with outstanding general appearance, unfortunately she has some scar tissue on her udder that really affects her attachments. She has several daughters in other herds that are improved in this area and now we have several more daughters of hers that we have very high hops for. 

I will wait generations to get a perfect goat if they all have Lady's willingness to milk and genital dispositions. So far Lady produces better than herself in every way and her personality so far shows in her very sweet and relaxed daughters.  

Dam ans Sire photos below courtesy of Camanna's Petite Paradise