Starting to put together plans for 2020! Many things may change but if there is a tentative pair you might be interested in getting a kid from, please let us know!

Prices start at $200 for all breeding animals and increase based on genetic potential and performance of sire and dam. Pricing is subject to change based on actual conformation and thriftiness of kids.

Pet wethers (neutered males) are $75 to approved homes only. Goats are herd animals and should not be kept alone. Kids sold as pets must go in sets of two or more, single kids will only be sold to homes with other goats.

Thank you for considering Coyote Kidz for your next new herd member!

Boys used this season are pictured below. You can view more information on each of them by clicking on the “Bucks” tab under Nigerians.

We will be adding a few bucks to the breading line up via AI…nothing to be announced until we get confirmed pregnancies.







Lady (2).jpg


Two-Step X Max Rebo

Both doe kids from this breeding were sold last year, I really wish I had kept one so we are repeating and hoping to retain a doe this time.

Anahid (2).jpg

Anahid X Ardent

There are so many good things in this pedigree and this will be a third time repeat, Old Mountain Farm top & bottom! Anahid is one of our best milking does with a high and tight udder. Ardent brings nice width and a level rump structure with lots of GA and Dairy Strength!


Harley X


Cat X

Freyja 1 yr.jpg

Freyja X

Talulah 1 Yr.jpg

Tallulah X

Eggja 2yr.jpg

Eggja X


IH8 X Ardent

Again did not retain any 2019 kids so repeating to get a keeper doe from this match!

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Tilly (2).jpg

Tilly X Max

Aayla 1 yr.jpg

Aayla X