Our boys are stinky but we love every bit of them. We take great care in selecting out herd sires because the boys will shape what the herd looks like year after year. With the current line of boys we are working to develop some consistency by careful line breeding and selection.

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Our boys are available for servicing does. All does must be healthy and free of parasites as well as tested for CAE and CL. No breeding will be considered if a doe is positive for either disease. These precautions are for biosecurity. Does appearing unhealthy will not be allowed to breed. We do not want to risk spreading disease to our entire herd.

Pricing is negotiable depending on travel and availability of bucks, payments are non-refundable. Starting price for does to be used in 4-H projects is $20 all other does $40 per breeding. A $15 care charge applies for 3 week boarding during breeding. "Driveway" breeding may also be easier in some cases if the doe is in standing heat there is no need for an extended stay. If a breeding is paid for and the doe does not settle, breeding can be rolled over to a new year, different buck or different doe.