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Breeding Schedule

Already making plans for Spring of 2017! We will be using AI on some of our does and Max Rebo will get a chance with a few ladies! So many exciting possibilities! 

          Coyote Kidz is a growing herd so we are retaining most of our doe kids for a few years. We do not feel comfortable selling buck kids at this time since we have not established a consistent milk production level in our herd. We do not want to sell inferior quality bucks, but we can recommend other farms we have use to improve our herd as an option. Wethers may be purchased as pets or companions for other animals but with the understanding they are more like dogs, requiring lots of love and attention. Buyers are expected to keep them, not give them away when they are no longer "new". If an animal is sold and for some reason the new owner cannot keep the animal, we would requst the option to buy the animal back first so they don't get passed on to unknown places or end up in animal shelters that may or may not know proper goat care.  


Mr. Max Rebo

Sunny is getting up there in age and we would like to retire her soon. She did not kid as a 10yr old but was only with the buck for a week. She still plays like a 3 year old and is the queen of the herd. We will try to get one more daughter from her since her health is spactacular for an old lady. 
Kidded 3/8/17

J3- Buck kid fawn & white
J4- Buck kid Chamoisee with white


Mr. Max Rebo

Opal kidded very late this year and gave us a lovely little doe from Boots. I would equally love a daughter from Max since Opal like a lot of our does needs some correction in the width and set in her hind legs. 

Kidded 3/30/17

J8- Doe kid Solid Ginger
J9- Buck kid Chamoisee with white spots



Daisy is kind of a wild we haven't ever done much with her. We pulled her out for one show this year and she did ok. She is much more quiet on the milk stand after this summer. We would love to just get a daughter since she only ever has boys! Loving what Boots has produced so far, we'll try this pairing again and hope for a girl.
Kidded 3/18/17
J5- Doe kid Chamoisee with white
J6- Doe kid spotted black & white

J7- Buck kid white with a few black spots


Mr. Max Rebo

Nova is everything we have ever wanted from Sunny! Absolutly can't wait to see her freshen! 
Max is stunning and he is maturing with tremendous lenght and sharpness! This should be a fabulose pairing.

Kidded 2/28/17

J1- Buck kid black & white
J2- Buck kid white with light brown spots



After spending some time with Lady, she is quickly becoming a favorite. We are so excited to have her confirmed bred to Old Mountain Farm Cernnunos. 
One of Lady's daughters from this same paring did exceptional at Nationals. We have wanted a Cernnunos kid in out her for quite some time!

Kidded 4/30/17

J12- Doe kid Cou Clair with white


Oak Apple Presto

Anahid is a wonderfuly long doe and we are excited to her bred to Presto. He has great length and is a well built buck out of Old Mountain Farm Fast Tempo and paternal brother to our own Max Rebo. 

Kidded 4/29/17

J10- Doe kid Chamoisee
J11- Doe kid Chamoisee with white spots


Mr. Max Rebo

We did not mean for Miss Quinn to be bred this year, but at 10 months she decided she was ready and hopped the fence to see her one true love. It will be nice to see another daughter of Boots freshen and we look forward the colorful kids this combination could bring!
December 22, 2016

1st doe retained
Bucks N/A