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​These are the goats that have influenced our herd but are sold or no longer with us.

DesertNanny AB Rocket Boots *B

Date of Birth: 01/19/2014-11/6/2016 *Deceased*

Sire: DesertNanny UMA Astro Boy
​Sire's Sire: AGS DF Farms UM Ursa Major
Sire's Dam: GCH IronWoodRanch Peppermint Patty 4*M

Dam: DesertNanny BR Fairy Floss 2*M
Dam's Sire: AGS DF Farms Barney Rubble +B
Dam's Dam: DesertNanny Icy Blue Pearl 1*M
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Because of an unfourtunate accident, we lost Boots too soon. He was not quite 3 years old but will be greatly missed. We really loved how Boots matured with lots of power in his front end assembly and the angulation of his hips and hind legs. He had a very milky background with both his dam and sire's dam earning their first stars at 2 years old. We have 4 daughters all from different dam's and all being a huge improvement in our herd and look forward to see how they freshen. 
Pictured below:
 Fairy Floss with 2nd fresh udder then Astro Boy & dam Peppermint Patty 2nd fresh udder  
Photo's courtesy of Sharon Warren and Deasert Nanny Nigerians