*B Onaqui BH Bold ASh

DOB 03/31/2019 D

DOB 03/31/2019

Sire: +B Old Mountain Farm Bold Hart*B

SS: Old Mountain Farm Bold Elk
SD: Old Mountain Farm RainEDayWomN

Dam: 3*M SG Onaqui BQ Sweet Pea

DS: +B Old Mountain Farm Bravo Quinn
DD: 2*M SG Creamery Creek TS SweetNCreamy

The opportunity to add this handsome guy came as a last minute decision with a cold snowy drive. his pedigree is full of familiar names. We thought he would be a very nice compliment to the kids from both Anahid and Ardent reinforcing genetics from Bold Elk and Nemesis. On his dam Onaqui BQ Sweet Pea brings a slight out cross with her dam SweetNCreamy, but the productivity and strength of mammary will hopefully carry through to Ash’s kids.