Coyote Kidz MR Corellia

DOB: 2/6/2018 D1919973

DOB: 2/6/2018

Sire: Oak Apple Max Rebo 

SS: Proctor Hill Farm To Go Daddy
SD: Piddlin Acres BZ Whata Diva

Dam: AGS Eastside Sunny

DS: AGS Lil Critters Farm Boots
DD: AGS One Horse Flicka

Corellia is a special doe being one of the last daughters of Sunny in our herd. Sunny was the first Nigerian for Coyote Kidz and while she is from humble bloodlines, Corellia is proof that you can breed up. Corellia received her dry leg in ring two at the BDGA show in Hamilton. She is a wide doe that passes her dam in feet and legs as well as length of bond and dairy strength.