The majority of our herd is due in the same few days at the end of February of 2019. Some kids will be available for purchase this spring. We are now accepting reservations on doe kids, please contact us if you are interested in kids from any of the planned pairings. Prices start at $200 for all breeding animals and increase based on genetic potential and performance of sire and dam. Pricing is subject to change based on actual conformation and thriftiness of kids.

Pet wethers (neutered males) are $75 to approved homes only. Goats are herd animals and should not be kept alone. Kids sold as pets must go in sets of two or more, single kids will only be sold to homes with other goats.

Thank you for considering Coyote Kidz for your next new herd member!

Boys used this season are pictured below. You can view more information on each of them by clicking on the “Bucks” tab under Nigerians.









Lady (2).jpg

Lady X Ragnar
Kidded 3/2/19

Twin Bucks for Lady may be available as pet wethers for $75

Two-Step X Max Rebo
Kidded 2/27/19

Two does sold

Opal X Featherduster
Kidded 2/28/19

Triplet bucks, will be available as pet wethers.

$75 each

Anahid (2).jpg

Anahid X Ardent
Kidded 2/26/19
This is a repeat breeding from last year except it’s live instead of AI because we had the exciting opportunity to buy this lovely buck! There are so many good things in this pedigree you will just have to look for yourself, Old Mountain Farm top & bottom! Anahid is one of our best milking does with a high and tight udder. Ardent brings nice width and a level rump structure with lots of GA and Dairy Strength!

Triplet doe Kids, all are spoken for!


Harley X Ardent
Kidded 2/27/19

Hoping to improve on Harley’s feet and legs as well as add some of the stronger mammary attachments coming from the old Mountain Farm lines. Harley is and incredible milker with high volume we would like to keep.

Buck/Doe twins, doe kid retained buck may be available as pet wether for $75


Cat X Ardent
Kidded 2/28/19

We really like Cat’s depth of body but would like to see more length and levelness in her rump, two of Ardent’s strengths.

Quads! 3 bucks and 1 doe, doe is retained and buck kids may be available as pet wethers for $75 each

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Freyja 1 yr.jpg

Freyja X Ragnar
Kidded 2/27/19
This is a breeding to be excited about! A Cernunnos daughter and grandson for a close line breeding of Old Mountain Farm. We can’t wait to see how Freyja looks as a first freshener and how she compares to her sisters in other herds. Love the body type and GA on both of these kids!

Single doe kid retained

Talulah 1 Yr.jpg

Tallulah X Ardent
Kidded 3/2/19
With all that her mother is, Tallulah has a lot to live up to. I have high hopes for her and her sister. This is a cross that will produce similar results but mixing up some of the Old Mountain Farm with Go Daddy genetics.

Single doe kid-SOLD

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Eggja X Ardent
Kidded 3/1/19

Tallulah’s twin sister, nearly impossible to tell apart except Eggja has a small white poll spot. Again, incredibly excited to see a daughter of Anahid freshen as well as the potential of these kids!

Single doe kid may be available at a later date, retained for now.

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IH8 X Ardent
Kidded 5/2/2019 with Quints!!

Haters is a lovely and long black doe that has so much in common with Ardent that is is a match made in heaven! She has refused 2 other bucks and finally settled with Ardent. These kids should be fancy and the pedigree is full of milk!

3 doe kids starting at $450
2 buck kids $300

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Tilly (2).jpg

Tilly X Feather
Kidded 4/23/19

Tilly did not settle with the heat sync, but settled by Feather later on. This will be a nice type cross on the Twincreeks genetics. Both are very wide and open in bone pattern. It would be nice to see a doe kid out of this pair stay in the herd.

1 doe kid available $300 buck kids not available

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Aayla 1 yr.jpg

Aayla X Ardent
Kidded 4/7/19

Confirmed pregnant by Ultra Sound. We feel that what Aayla needs most is length. She is longer and stronger than her dam Opal, but Ardent should do a good job of adding more.

Quads for a first freshener!!! 3 doe kids and 1 buck 2 of the does will be available at $250 and $300. Buck available as a wether for $75

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